There is good reason why many homeowners and business owners prefer IP cameras than the more expensive and complex security cameras out there. IP in this case means internet protocol, and the digital camera that makes use of this technology works by way of transmitting over the internet or via a local computer network. As a result, it is a lot more convenient and manageable compared to closed circuit television style cameras.


Now if you're planning to purchase an IP Hikvision CCTV camera for your security system one of these days, you first must learn what to look for in them. This is quite important because not all IP cameras are the same and some might very well turn out to be useless or unfit for your needs.


1 - Recording Capacity


If you're planning to use the IP camera as a live video feed, it means that the recording capacity is based on the amount of internal storage. But if you want a virtually unlimited capacity, you can pair it with a network video recorder or NVR. Most homes use the former while businesses often go for an NVR setup.


2 - Place of Setup


This factor is important because some IP cameras aren't designed for outdoor use. Therefore, you need to figure out if you want yours to be set up outside or exclusively inside. If you decide you're going to put up cameras outside, you need to consider things like wireless cameras, weatherproofing features, night vision, and automatic sensors. Watch to know more about CCTV.


3 - Firmware


Be sure you only buy an IP Camera Dubai with a firmware that's upgradeable. Considering that you can use the same for streaming content via the web, it will matter a lot if it comes with upgradeable software since there will always be security concerns. You want nothing but the most secure network for your feeds.


4 - Security Features


You want better and improved security features for your system, including your IP camera, especially if you're installing and using it in a business setting. The good news is that you get to choose from a wide range of options, including camera designs, connectivity choices, and wired and wireless preferences, all for addressing your security needs.


5 - High Definition Feed



In this modern age of recording, high-definition cameras have become a must. If you want your recordings to be of high quality, get a camera that can capture resolutions of up to 1080p. But you do have to acknowledge that the higher the camera resolution is the pricier it'll be.